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Online Bookings Made Easy

Our mission is to guarantee seamless online reservations for you and your customers, without breaking the bank.

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Accept Reservations 24/7

Reservations made anywhere, anytime.
Peace of Mind

Your data is our priority, our state of the art security ensures your data belongs to you, and no one else.
Built for You

We developed BookAPlace solely to save time and costs in the restaurant industry. It's a fast-paced world that doesn't need to be overcomplicated with complex solutions charging exorbitant fees.

Easier Than Ever

Accepting reservations for your business has never been this simple.

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Automated Reservations

Automatically accept reservations. BookAPlace cuts costs by automating the full booking process from start to finish. Businesses sleep, Software does not - you will be surprised how many reservations you will receive around the clock.

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Constant Updates

As a modern software provider, we make sure to bring you a polished update at least once a month. We grow with our clients, as our clients grow with us. Our software is fully translated in english and german, with more to come.

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We take a customer-centric approach, ensuring every element in BookAPlace is designed with your needs as well as those of your consumers in mind. We're here to help you succeed - after every reservation, your clients will receive a confirmation via email and SMS.

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Customizable Design

Our tool adapts to your design preferences. Customize the reservation tool with your company logo and colors. It's all in your control. We even automatically adjust the fontcolor of your logo, for optimized contrast.

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We prioritize data security. Our software's secure password handling featues ensures admin credentials can't fall into the wrong hands. We offer a variety of security features to ensure your data is safe and secure.

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A fixed monthly fee, no hidden costs, and no comission. We don't feel comfortable hindering the success of our clients by introducing pay-per-customer costs or other indefinite fees unless required.


The online reservation solution for restaurants. Made in London 🇬🇧 and Vienna 🇦🇹